(prɪˈzɛnt-ed 'leɪ bəl)

PRSNTD Label is premium streetwear with profile to b.PRSNTD. The name cut-off to six characters expresses simplicity of the brand, while serving purpose and grasping the experiences at hand. Label is the name; With a name - comes the feel, the emotion and the uprising of the person in touch with the brand. PRSNTD Label is modern style with emotion.

Started by Karl Lugod, doubled majored in marketing & digital advertising, who left the graduate employment scene to inspire through streetwear and expressing individualism.

“We live through life in a way that meets only the standard of society, but it’s the society that enables us to only meet the standard. Innovate yourselves, do something different, and be presented in the moment"

PRSNTD Label is born in Melbourne and is inspired by global hype, whilst sticking to its roots that grows within this city and surrounding aesthetics. Its purpose is to inspire and empower individuals to innovate from within and burst out from the ordinaries set up by society.